Wolverine Extreme with GPS system

An RTK GPS or laser guidance system can easily be added to the Wolverine Extreme for precision grade control.

Dynamic Ditchers will provide the DitchMaster GPS system as a factory option.


DitchMaster is software to ease the operation of creating or re-cutting surface ditches. This software calculates the optimum slopes and grade breaks for an entire ditch using Vertical Curve Technology™. Then provides an guided or automated control while cutting. Also captures lines with unique labels for record of ditch location.


Key Benefits of Ditch Basic

  • Utilize RTK GPS for accurate work that isnt effected by wind, curvature of the earth, or other line of sight obstructions.
  • Pick start and end point
    • Automatic slope calculation
    • See blade in relation to slope
  • On screen aids
    • Color coded Topo map to see fill areas
    • Geo-referenced bmp images
    • Targets/Notes
    • Grid lines (with rotation)
    • Indicate arrows to guide to plan
  • Pass label can automatically increment
  • Location tracking
    • Exports to .dxf format, read by a CAD program.
    • Relocate or recut easily

Ditch Pro Added Benefits

  • Ditch survey auto-capture
    • Many points for curved ditches
    • Elevations for entire land
  • Parameter driven Vertical Curve Technology™
    • Minimum and Maximum slope
    • Optimum, and Maximum depth
    • Recalculate any time
  • Design and redesign on the go!
    • See the proposed design before moving any dirt.
    • See ditch depths for the entire line.
  • 3D Machine control
    • Automatic grade control
    • Proportional valve for smoothest corrections, also compatible with pulsing valves.
  • Compatible with automatic ready tractors
  • External valves available to adapt other machines