Feature Benefit
Combined scraping and spreading operation
  • Reduces time in the field by up to half compared to other equipment.
  • Reduces cost in fuel and labor.
  • Eliminates the step of removing ridges left behind by graders or bulldozers when reshaping waterways.
Evenly spreads soil over a distance of 150 feet
  • No need for additional equipment for leveling out the soil that a scraper would leave behind.
  • Less soil compaction without a heavy loaded scraper driving around the field.
Five foot wide, flat cutting blade
  • Allows other field equipment to cross the ditch smoothly. (No barrel cut like a rotary ditcher.)
  • Able to taper the ditches easily for a smooth landscaped appearance.
Torque limiting clutch on PTO
  • Protects driveline and resets without having to replace shear bolts.
Auto clutch for kicker shaft
  • Allows kicker shaft to stop when hitting a large object - resets automatically.
Soil deflector chutes
  • Direct the soil a variety of distances to the left or right.
Oscillating rear wheels
  • Flexibility to make a flat cut or angled cut, as the situation requires.
Vertically oriented
impeller disc
  • Throws the soil upwards for more effective usage in deep ditch situations.
  • Provides for the even spread of soil over an extended distance.
Heavy duty construction
  • Built to last for trouble free operation.
  • Adequate weight to easily cut through a variety of soil types and conditions.
Mounting bracket for GPS
  • Easily install laser or GPS system for controlled land grading.
Kicker drum paddles
  • Increased capacity as they rotate at 130 RPM and feed the soil into the impeller.
Plumb level (optional)
  • For monitoring the angle of the cut.
Hydraulic reverser
  • In the event that the auto clutch trips out, the hydraulic reverser easily reverses the kicker shaft to clear soil build up.
Rubber dampener
  • Absorbs driveline shock load between gearbox and impeller shaft to increase gearbox life.

Key Benefits of the Wolverine:

  • makes ditches in half the time of using an agricultural land scraper
  • liminates the operation of leveling the dirt piles created by a scraper
  • reduces field compaction compared to using a scraper
  • can be used virtually throughout the growing season
  • allows field equipment to easily pass through the ditches immediately after making them

Solid Construction

The Wolverine is a substantial unit of approximately 9000lbs, 24 feet long, 8 feet wide and 6 feet in height. It requires a minimum of 220 PTO horsepower to operate and optimally 350 horsepower.

Heavy Clay Soil

The Wolverine even works well in heavy clay soil because of its innovative patented design and heavy duty construction.