Nothing beats the Wolverine Extreme for maintaining terraces.

The Wolverine Extreme working on a terraceOver time erosion takes soil down the terrace slope. The Wolverine can easily move that soil back up, and spread it evenly on your terrace, up to 150 feet.

Using graders, bulldozers or scrapers takes at least twice as long, increases soil compaction, and leaves dirt piles and ridges that need to be spread out.

The dirt can be thrown left or right and can be deposited within five feet on the right side or 20 feet on the left side.

The Wolverine:

  • Eliminates the operation of leveling dirt piles or ridges left behind by a scrapers, graders and bulldozers
  • Leaves a smooth finish (no ridges or barrel cuts)
  • Reduces field compaction compared to using other equipment
  • Works in all soil types including heavy clay soils (not soils with a lot of rocks) 
  • Moves up to 750 yards per hour