Perfect ditches in half the time.

Wolverine ExtremeThe Wolverine scrapes and spreads the soil in a single operation, creating and maintaining ditches faster and more efficiently than a scraper.

Ditches can be maintained virtually throughout the growing season.

You can achieve precision grades, controlled automatically using GPS or laser. With GPS you can ensure proper drainage while moving the least amount of dirt using Vertical Curve Technology™. Laser systems are more affordable and will ensure proper drainage but are less efficient than GPS. Learn more about GPS and laser here.

We can provide a GPS system with your Wolverine.


The Wolverine:

  • Eliminates the operation of leveling dirt piles left behind by a scraper
  • Creates smooth ditches that allow field equipment to pass through with ease (no ridges or barrel cuts)
  • Reduces field compaction compared to using a scraper 
  • Works in all soil types including heavy clay soils (not soils with a lot of rocks) 
  • Moves up to 750 yards per hour